Job Opening

Multiple Positions Open - Immediate Hire - Full Time

Hydrosimulatics Inc. is currently seeking self-motivated hydraulic/hydrologic modelers with experience in channel flow modeling (e.g., using HECRAS), water supply distribution network modeling (e.g., EPANET), and/or urban stormwater system modeling (e.g., EPA SWMM) to support the continuous refinement and expansion of the first ever realtime, cloud-powered, data-enabled global modeling platform for water resources research, education, consulting, and management.

These are growth positions for career-oriented persons who are seeking an opportunity to work with one of the most innovative hydrologic/hydraulic modeling groups. You will gain exposure to cutting edge modeling tools, novel programming techniques, and new computational thinking with a wide range of applicability. You will collaborate in an open and friendly work environment with very talented and passionate colleagues whose work in “realtime modeling”, “data-enabled modeling", “hierarchical patch dynamics”, and “social computational systems” is pushing the boundaries of water resources research, education, and problem solving, transforming the way modeling is done and even how people collaborate.

A significant portion of the work will be leading and contributing to the development and testing of modular data-driven or process-based simulation tools in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, and water resources, integrating them into a smart service system – a socially intelligent, dynamically evolving, realtime, global modeling platform, and creating - using natural market forces, a MAGNET for water (Multiscale, Adaptive, Global NETwork for water), pulling people together and enabling spontaneous community wide cocreation.

Depending on the assignment, there will be opportunity for creative problem-solving involving models, research and curriculum innovations, technological and business innovations, software development, database design and optimization, intelligent information integration, processing and analysis of massive datasets, client-server programming, high performance/parallel computing, and GIS application.

Desired Qualifications / Experience

These positions are available immediately and will remain open until they are filled.

Work Location:Lansing, Michigan – the capital city of Michigan, just west of Michigan State University and about 1.5 hours northwest of Detroit and 3 hours east of Chicago.

How to Apply: Please send a cover letter and detailed resume documenting your project experience to: