Groundwater Modeling Course Template
Collection of introductory lessons, applied problems, and capstone projects.


Introductory Lessons

Introductory Lessons
Applied Problems
Capstone Projects
Introduction to Groundwater - Multiple Short Exercises An introductory lesson consisting of 5 short exercises for students to complete. Ideal for the beginning of a course on groundwater hydrology (or general hydrology, too). Instructors can assign all of the exercises or a sub-set. Solutions and student sample reports can be made available to instructors upon request:
MAGNET for Beginners This exercise asks students to read the MAGNET users manual prepared especially for beginners and students, and to submit a set of key screen shots summarizing their work, including images of your modeling result on regional groundwater flow pattern, local groundwater flow pattern, particle tracking (forward/backward), and contaminant plume migration (in plan view and cross-sections).
Lumped Parameter Modeling A two-problem exercise on lumped parameter modeling approaches used in groundwater modeling.