CE495 Civil Engineering Design


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HW 1
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Groundwater Contamination Videos Exercise Watch videos and respond. Background: Modern civilizations have a profound impact on groundwater quality. From industrialization and urbanization associated with 21st-century `mega cities' and population increase, to intensive farming and deforesting, there is a significant use of resources and generation of waste that make groundwater unsuitable for use. Examples of groundwater contaminants include dissolved inorganic substances (e.g., chloride, sulfate, etc.) or organic liquids, dissolved organic/inorganic constituents, or pathogens from anthropogenic sources.
Landfill Fluxes and Offsite Migration Intermediate - Analytical and numerical sub-problems. Originally a network of sloughs, lakes and wetlands, a piece of land has been converted into an open-pit landfill to dispose of refuse of a nearby population center. Solid waste continues to pile up, creating a leachate mound in the landfill that serves as a driving force for vertical and lateral loading of contaminants into a sand and gravel aquifer and the sloughs, respectively. Local residents are concerned about the impact on the surface water (used for fishing and recreational purposes) and groundwater (used for drinking water supply).