By Hydrosimulatics  

Exercise 1

Read the following background material, and write a short (1 page or less) essay on why the study of hydrology/groundwater hydrology is important. 

Exercise 2

Groundwater contamination video exercise

Exercise 3

Read the background material on major aquifer systems – connections to geology, and briefly discuss the major aquifer systems in your own local area (state, province, or city), paying particular attention to aquifer types, extents, transmissivity/productivity, and the geological processes that produce the different aquifers.

Exercise 4

Three monitoring wells are used to determine the direction of groundwater flow in a confined aquifer. The piezometric heads in the wells are found to be 70 m in well 1, 80 m in well 2 and 90 m in well 3. Determine the direction of flow and hydraulic gradient. More details

Exercise 5

Evaluate the impact of a landfill on adjacent surface water and groundwater. Solve only the first two sub-problems.