By Hydrosimulatics INC  


  1.         What is groundwater?

  2.       What causes groundwater to move?

  3.       How fast does groundwater typically move?

  4.       What causes a contaminant in groundwater to spread?

  5.       Explain the following terms/concepts if you are familiar with them:

                       a.       Aquifer

b.       Porosity

c.       Permeability

d.       Piezometric head

e.       Hydraulic gradient

f.        Seepage velocity?

g.       Heterogeneity

h.       Vadose zone

i.         Contaminant plume

j.         Capture well

  6.     What do you understand by the term “groundwater modeling”? Give some examples of the types of questions one can        answer using groundwater modeling.

  7.     What do you understand by the term “groundwater remediation”? How can a contaminant plume underground be                cleaned up or hydraulically controlled given that it is invisible?

  8.       (Advanced question, answer if you can) How does one go about doing groundwater modeling? What are the steps               involved? What equations are solved? What type of data are needed in support of modeling? How do we know if a               model   is “correct”?

  9.       On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you describe your level of comfort explaining groundwater concepts including                     groundwater modeling (1-least comfortable; 10-very comfortable)?

  10.     Do you have anything to add (related to the topic of groundwater)?